Botanical Name : Koompassia malaccensis
Family : Leguminosae
General Characteristics : Heartwood is pinkish when fresh and darkening to bright orange-red or deep brown, sapwood is well defined and yellow in colour. Texture is coarse and even; Grain is interlocked, often very interlocked.
Air-dry density : 770 – 1120 kg/m3
Drying and Shrinkage : Seasons fairly slowly with little or no defects. Shrinkage: Radial 2.0%; Tangential 3.0%.
Strength Group : A
Durability : Moderately durable
Treatability : Easy
Usage : Suitable for heavy construction, railway sleepers, transmission posts, beams, joists, bridges, wharves, fence posts, pilling, parquet and strip flooring, paneling, heavy-duty furniture, heavy -duty pallets, boxes, crates and tool handles.