Botanical Name : Intsia palembanica, I.bijuga
Family : Leguminosae
General Characteristics : Heartwood is yellowish to orange-brown when fresh, weathering to brown or dark red-brown. Sapwood is well-defined and pale yellow in colour. Texture is coarse but even; Grain is interlocked.
Air-dry density : 515 – 1040 kg/m3
Drying and Shrinkage : Dries rather slowly without any degrade. Shrinkage: Radial 0.9%; Tangential 1.6%.
Strength Group : B
Durability : Durable
Treatability : Very difficult.
Usage : The growth ring figure and deep colour makes it an attractive wood for decorative work including interior finishing, paneling, strip and parquet flooring, superior joinery, cabinet-making, door and window frames, furniture, veneer, turnery and tool handles.