Botanical Name : Neobalanocarpus heimii
Family : Dipterocarpaceae
General Characteristics : Heartwood light yellow brown with a distinct green tinge when fresh, darkening on exposure to dark purple-brown or rust red; Sharply demarcated from the pale yellow sapwood. Luster moderate; Grain usually only shallowly interlocked; Texture fine and even; odor and taste not distinctive.
Air-dry density : 915 – 980 kg/m3
Drying and Shrinkage : Dries slowly and care is needed to avoid checks and splits. Shrinkage: Radial 2.0%; Tangential 4.5%. Air-drying prior to kiln-drying is recommended.
Strength Group : A
Durability : Very durable even under adverse condition.
Treatability : Moderately difficult.
Usage : Suitable for marine construction, heavy construction, bridges, boat construction, heavy-duty flooring, lorry and truck bodywork and carving work.
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