Botanical Name : Species of Annonaceae
Family : Annonaceae
General Characteristics : Heartwood is light yellow-white or light yellow-brown; Sapwood is normally not well-defined. Texture is rather coarse and uneven due to the presence of the extremely large rays; Grain is almost straight;
Air-dry density : 370 – 960 kg/m3
Drying and Shrinkage : Dries very fast to moderately slow with slight degrade. Shrinkage: Radial 1.5 – 4.0%; Tangential 2.7% – 4.5%.
Strength Group : C
Durability : Moderately durable
Treatability : Very easy.
Working properties : Extensively used in the manufacture of decorative plywood and as interior finishing timber; also suitable for furniture, paneling, partitioning and has been successfully used in the manufacture of match splints.