Kembang Semangkok

Botanical Name : Scaphium spp.
Family : Sterculiaceae
General Characteristics : Heartwood generally is yellow-brown, light buff or light brown, sapwood is lighter in shade merging gradually into the heartwood. Texture is slightly coarse and uneven due to the broad rays and wide layers of parenchyma; Grain is straight or shallowly interlocked.
Air-dry density : 515 – 755 kg/m3
Drying and shrinkage

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: Seasons fairly rapidly with very slight degrade. Shrinkage: Radial 1.2%; Tangential 3.0%.
Strength Group : A
Durability : Durable
Treatability : Difficult.
Working properties : Extensively used in the manufacture of decorative plywood and as interior finishing timber: also suitable for furniture, paneling, partitioning and has been successfully used in the manufacture of match splints.